Hana Ruttkayová, Senior Marketing Manager
“Exceptional buildings generate emotions and connections. We stop at nothing in creating memorable places that people love to use.”
Hana Ruttkayová, Senior Marketing Manager

Places for memorable experiences

Buildings need to work, but they must also inspire. It’s in our DNA to want to create exciting, meaningful places. Doing justice to the opportunity each site brings is never a cookie-cutter solution. It demands something special and this can’t be achieved alone. Whether we’re reimagining a heritage site, or introducing new architecture, we thrive on collaboration – working with the community and design partners who share the project’s vision.

Buildings with personality provide moments of wonder through dramatic architecture, but also through subtler features you can touch, sense and feel. Handcrafted elements and well-considered amenities shape our projects. Glass bricks made by skilled craftspeople. A green rooftop terrace to lie on. Door handles that fit the palm of the hand. New district infrastructure that encourages walking and cycling…

We’re relentless in creating highly individual places that do more than fit into their neighbourhood, but also add to the locality.

We feel the local atmosphere and sense of community around each of our developments. We embrace heritage. We enjoy adding to the neighbourhood by creating uniquely authentic places.

Our commitments

Respecting historical and urban structure context

woving historical monuments, details and craftmanship, building on Urban structure – public vs private space , urban accents, traditional yards.

High spec materials

we believe that materials in our building represent not only visual capacities, but also tactile, acoustic and psychological impact in peoples life.

Partnering with locals

wanting to have real relation with communities, that our building is contributing to their lives and culture.

Arts & crafts

manual products combining excellent materials with handicrafts skills assembled with originality and artistic mind excellently contribute to the external quality of our product and internal spaces.

No space is secondary

we value any space in the building and provide natural light and fresh air to bathrooms, staircases, lift lobbies to create quality environment within the building.