Tomáš Jurdák, Head of Real Estate
“Before we do anything, we question everything. Making sustainable buildings always means searching for better solutions.”
Tomáš Jurdák, Head of Real Estate

Places for a bigger difference

How do we do more than our bit for the planet? What makes for a lasting building? What does sustainability even mean for real estate? We’re here to find out by thinking wider, looking deeper and being bolder as we learn through trial and error.

That’s how we minimise embodied carbon for our projects. Why we choose to refurbish existing sites wherever possible, or focus on circular construction economies. This approach helps us find new materials and technologies that boost environmental and operational performance. It’s also why we go beyond the environment.

For a building to be valued over time, it must enhance occupier wellbeing, from its amenities to lots of natural light. From openable windows for fresh air to easy control of internal environments, supported by technology. There’s one more factor: a sustainable building should give back locally, contributing to the economy, infrastructure and future success stories.

We study, assess and research every dimension of sustainability across design, construction and operational performance. Our developments have market-leading ESG credentials, from BREAAM to Cyclo, DGNB, GRESB, NABERS, WELL, Smart Building and WiredScore certification.

Our Commitments

Embodied Carbon

we retain all existing structures if possible and find ways to limit the embodied carbon in new structures by using sustainable materials. All building components need to have outstanding Environmental Product Declarations to be used.

Operational Carbon

our building are all-electric. We aim to generate as much renewable energy on-site as possible by using PV and heat pumps. Off-site sources are purchased via Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGO) frameworks.


our technology measures and optimizes the operations of our buildings constantly. Demand-driven operations are in the core, combined with mixed-mode ventilation and low-energy systems.

Water & waste

we use rainwater and greywater harvesting to conserve water. Our building use leak detection systems and high efficiency fixtures. During construction we divert maximum materials from landfill and aim to upcycle and recycle as much as possible.

Responsible offsets

offsets are the last stage of our carbon accounting practices and we used approved international or domestic carbon offset standards.


we disclose the sustainability details of our projects via established frameworks. We certify our buildings with BREEAM or DGNB schemes, always aiming to achieve the highest scores. We publish the required information on our website following the Green Building Council’s framework.