Miloš Halečka, Innovations Director
“Technology powers the day ahead. It connects people, streamlines tasks, saves resources, supports creativity and even makes more of lunchtimes.”
Miloš Halečka, Innovations Director

Places for people to flourish

It never ceases to be amazing what’s possible when integrating technology with design and engineering. We already put a whole building into a smartphone app, so you don’t need an access card anymore, can book meeting rooms or concierge services, and see what’s happening later, socially. You can check when a colleague is next in the office in the new hybrid working world, or check the internal air quality and adjust the temperature to your needs. All while the building’s ‘brain’ is busy working away in the background.

Our smart buildings are exactly that, smart. The built-in technology is ready to  respond to people’s requirements, learn about personal preferences to enhance occupier wellbeing, and get ever-smarter. Landlords and occupants can see building data live. This information can be used to constantly optimise the building’s environment and operations, including saving precious energy.

And tomorrow promises even more, as we’re still in the early days of using AI in the built environment. The future may bring us buildings that talk, act as personal assistants and order maintenance and cleaning services automatically.

Integrated technology provides information on every aspect of our buildings. Hidden from view, technology is the fundamental component in supporting exceptional and highly efficient workplace experiences.

Our commitments

Measuring everything

our buildings are delivered with smart sensors as part of the base built, so tenants do not need to create their own systems to measure air quality or occupancy. We use advanced building management systems (BMS) to manage the operations.

Data Always accessible

we select technologies which are open by design, but secure at the same time. Our tenants can access all the data in realtime and integrate their own Integrated Workspace Management System (IWMS) into our building. Regular reporting of environment quality for all tenants is integral.

User Centric buildings

tenant engagement app is always a part of our building UX. We integrate data, user controls, access, visitor management systems and community features into the smartphone of each user.

Continuous learning

intelligent systems within the buildings and our FM teams engaging with tenants allow us to optimize the operations of the building by carefully balancing user comfort and sustainable operations